Saturday, April 7, 2012


... once was hidden, now is crystal clear. Transformation is within me.
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Sorry for being awol this last month. A lot has been happening. And I haven't quite had the motivation to write anything on here. For starters things ended with me and my girlfriend, and things haven't been going to great. But anyhow. I also had my first two fashion photoshoots, and a fun shoot with a pregnant friend.

Both fashion shoots went pretty good. I did them for a designer friend who need photos of her clothing for her portfolio. Both me, the designer(Thea) and the model(s) is happy with the photos. Connected pretty good with the first model, Ilva.

Photos beneath is from the first shoot. Jacket and skirt in a rubber/plastic fabric and designed by Thea. Underwear bottom also designed by Thea. Bra bought in a shop. Shoes are Doc. Martens.

What do you think about the photos?
- Aleksander


  1. Their fuckin' awesome, dude! #Photoinspo

  2. Also ærli talt, du burde ta meir fashion-bilde å sann. Du eno faktisk steikje flinke! Elska lyse å fargane på de siste. Finfint.

  3. wow. dude, kødder du??? disse var jo råbra!!! jeg elsket det nest siste bildet hvor hun står oppetter veggen. skikkelig bra kontraster og lyssetting (haha. hør på xperten da . lål.)

    Håper det går bra med deg. breakin up is hard to do, wooow wooow woooaaao :s

    // Er du der nede på tjuvholmen? Da er du jaggu ikke langt unna meg i vika da. får komme ned med lunch til deg da :)


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