Saturday, May 5, 2012


... nowhere fast, we've reached the climax!
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So, yet again one month has passed without me checking in. Well, I'm like that. I don't have anything to blog about everyday. However I will try to keep it up to maybe once a week or something. Maybe more if something happens.

Lately I've been getting some more photo assignments. I've had another fashion shoot, a fun shoot with a friend and I did a job for two DJs at a club. I also have gotten a job when I go to Copenhagen in June! I'm pretty stoked!

Right now I'm going to post some from the fashion shoot. I'm still waiting on permission from one of the models to post photos of her,  so I can't show you all of them just yet. Yet again Ilva Helene was modelling. This time also for Thea Caroline.  Her designs is crazy creative. Looks like dresses from some fairy tale! I'm thouroughly impressed!

What do you think about the photos?
- Aleksander

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