Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I love my swag, baby!

... Well you known I keep an iSwag. I got my iPhone on me. So let's go!
Kwajo Sinqo - iPhone Swagg [Spotify]

So, after I came home for the summer, I've been shopping a bit. Some stuff you really have no interest in seeing, but these four smexy objects you will see. Especially notice the shiny new iPhone! SWAGGEEER!
Also, I'm stoked on the shoes. They're blue and yellow. Gotta love that?

You like it?
- Aleksander


  1. love it. esp the scullcandy. må ha meg en ny en selv nå. min er liksom litt for stor

  2. Sv; Takk for tips :) Skal i Sambandsbataljonen :)

    Fine ting :)

  3. no må du stå opp. indianerne kjem!!!!

  4. du er så søøøt :) blir så glad av kommentarene dine.

  5. oooh smexy objects!!!

    not sure about the headphones tho it looks cool :) you should buy urbanears or WesC <33333


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