Monday, July 11, 2011


... there's no one else in sight, in a crowded, lonely night. Well, I've waited so long for my love vibration and I'm dancing with myself.

The Donnas - Dancing With Myself [Spotify]

Last week, we finished our demolition course. And I gotta tell you. This gives you a whole new perspective. Especially against movies. Now I have learned one thing: explosions in movies = bullshit.

But last week was fun. We were really lucky with the weather. Bluebird every day. (So my tan is pretty epic right about now). BBQ'ing very evening. Life was good.

Getting the chance to work with real explosives, like plastics(C-4), TNT and dynamite etc. is amazing. Watch how we do it in real life. And getting to be right next to 5kg of TNT when it explodes... Let me just say your body feels it!

But there was also two downsides to it.
1. Fucking loads of mosquito's  big as never before.
2. Lots of wating.

- Aleksander

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