Sunday, July 3, 2011


... see what's beneath. Everything I am and hope to be cannot be lost. I'll be damned fighting you. You're impossible. Impossible. Say goodbye with no sympathy.

Creed - Overcome [Spotify]

Soon. Very soon. Summer vacation is coming up. Getting away for 3 weeks. Gonna be good. Still, I don't have any plans for those three weeks. Except for maybe going summerskiing. Which I am thoroughly crossing my fingers for will happen!

I kinda feel like going for a hike. Like, in the mountain. The nature, the view, the feeling of being on top of a mountain. It's amazing. A photo from the last hike I was on. Well, the one with the army at least. Doing a "mission". Still, amazing view. Got to witness the midnight sun and all.

Any of you come up with any ideas for what I can do this summer?
What are your plans this summer?
- Aleksander


  1. Wow, so fint der va! Ej ska jobbe, (selge jordbær, yay) å fare te Danmark.
    Men du kan no fare på fjelltur ja, eller.. Roadtrip?

  2. tenker du gleder deg max til en deilig vacation :) synes ikke akkurat vi har hatt de fineste dagene her, så jeg håper du er heldigere med sommerværet ditt :)

  3. Do I have to write my comment in english, LIKSOM? Neida. Men, takk for kommentaren. Det er hyggelig når du skriver at du liker, ney, ELSKER måten jeg skriver på :-D


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