Friday, December 3, 2010

Fa la la la la...

... go fuck yourself!

Cory Taylor - Xm@$

Just heard this today. When they announced a Christmas song by Corey Taylor on the radio, I thought this has to be good. And it is. Pretty damn sick indeed! Just what you can expect from a guy like Corey. Not your everyday Christmas tune, it's better.

This is definitely my Christmas soundtrack this year. Gonna be epic!

What do you think?
What is your favorite Christmas song?

- Aleksander


  1. i can only think on wham! LOL LOL

    & to be a bit more into todays i would pick up by JP, Chrissie & THe Fairground Boys


  2. Haha er det deeg, fete klær! Sangen, var sånn...At jeg fikk lyst til å rase uttafor bakken, og rase nedover!

  3. DIGGA SONGEN! Corey Taylor eno awesome, so då kan de no berre verte de men. Favorittjulesonge min VA The Pogues & Kirsty MacColl - Fairytale of New York, å den fekk hard konkurranse no iallfall. Daaamn, nice julesong! :D

  4. For en bråkete sang :p Falt ikke i smak hos meg.

    Jeg er mest glad i de rolige og koselige, som feks "en stjerne skinner i natt" :)

  5. Min favoritt julesang er "all i want for christmas is you - Mariah carey" <3


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