Sunday, December 5, 2010

All the vampires walkin' through the valley...

... move west down Ventura Boulevard. And all the bad boys are standing in the shadows. And all the good girls are home with broken hearts.

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - Free Fallin'

Last night, my beautiful friend, Lillianna, celebrated her birthday. Which, by the way, was on December 2nd. It was pretty ace. Good people, nice place and some gin & juice. Anyone got the reference there? Anywho, thanks for a great party! Looking forward to next year? I think so!

Yesterdays outfit

Have you had a nice weekend?
- Aleksander


  1. gin + juice <3
    er LITT kvalm fra igår jeg! weee

  2. Aww, så fiint innlegg :D <3
    Next year så er det godt mulig festen skjer i bardufoss :p hahaha.. Er du keen på å dra opp dit for å feire meg? :p



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