Sunday, November 28, 2010


... a-k spray dipped attaché jumped out the range.

Nas - The message [spotify]

Today, you should all get off your ass, and attend to something bigger than the single individual. Right now, you should write a message to the world in your palm, and take a picture. Preferably a positive one. Easy as that. This initiative has been brought along by Ida-Marie Fiskaa. Today is the last day she's accepting submissions, so do it. Now! You can find her post here. That's also where you submit yours.

And of course I will share my submission with you lovely people.

Anyone recognize it?
Are you going to submit your message to the world?
- Aleksander


  1. Åh, for et herlig budskap! Jeg skal komme med et budskap når jeg får tilbake godhumøret jeg!
    DIGGER forresten headeren din. Vet ikke om jeg har sagt det?

  2. ja idag har jeg søren så god samvittighet for ting jeg har fått gjort. til og med fått betalt regninger! :p helt vilt voksent av meg!


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