Saturday, October 23, 2010

I get up...

... early. Bring you breakfast in bed. I kiss your shoulder and your sleepy head, and I'm doing fine.

BigBang - Girl in Oslo

T'day I've only been messin' around. Went to this fundraiser concert/live radio stream in front of the town hall. They're having an 72-hour live radio stream to raise money for refugees. So far, in approximately 48 hours, they have raised 253.000 NOK! Which is a lot of money. And they still have 24 hours to go. I'm looking forward to see how much they manage to raise in the end. Check it P3aksjonen, here!

Between some of the stuff goin'on, I went up to Akershus fortress, and took some panoramic and HDR photos. I'm pretty happy with the outcome.

And also, here comes outfit of the evening.

What do you think?

Support the cause.
- Aleksander


  1. Fargerik! <3 Looking good.
    Hilsen Sara

  2. Likte det i midten best :) Men det visste du jo, haha.

    SV; Ja, du får vel det ^^

  3. Fet sang! Takk for koselig kommentar.


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