Sunday, October 17, 2010


... what a nice day to die.
El Caco - A nice day

After being awake a couple of hours, I see this news article posted on facebook. Which of course makes me go check it out. The headline? Nude woman found dead in schoolyard (article is in Norwegian). This is only some hundred meters from where I went to school. This gets me thinking.

Photo/source: VG

Every now and then when I tell people I live basically in the middle of Oslo, they tell me how scared they would be going home in the late hours. But truth be told, I'd be more scared going home at night if I lived where my friends live. Maybe the rate for rapes is higher down here, but I feel like every time I read about a murder, or suspicious death, it's located in the outskirts of Oslo. Places like Holmlia, Stovner, Kalbakken etc. And after quickly browsing the front page, I found two more articles, about people being stabbed. Not where I live, but close to my friends.

This leads me to conclude that where I live is just as safe as any other place in this city. And this conclusion also supports my wish to get my own apartment in the middle of Oslo, and not just outside. Happy? Yes, I think so.

- Aleksander


  1. Svar/ Blir nok noen uker, har bare fått inn ett bidrag hittil, så det ser ikke særlig lyst ut akkurat nå. Haha :)

  2. Jeg har gitt opp jeg! Synes det skjer noe OVERALT! INGEN steder man kan føle seg 100 % sikker..


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