Wednesday, October 6, 2010

All I do...

... is stay focused. Looking straight forward at the world. And beyond. I feel people pulling me down. I feel some pulling me up. I can't get stuck. I just keep moving forward. I got places to go.

Nas ft. Damian Marley

Today, I went to the hairdresser after having my driving lesson. And as always I hit the jackpot with my hairdresser. Omnomnom! She was kinda quiet though. But i love cutting my hair,so I don't care.

And now I am going to show you just why I use a flattening iron. Because everybody is so flabbergasted when I tell them I use one.

The hairdressers styling without flattening iron vs. my own styling using one

Do you now understand why?
What do you think?

- Aleksander

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  1. Your own styling. Definitily. :-)
    VERY cute pics though. ;-)


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