Saturday, October 9, 2010

I am...

... everything you've wanted. I am the one who's haunting you. I am the eyes inside of you, stare back at you.

Skillet - Savior

Today, I met up with an old friend of mine. Only for a couple of minutes, because she, and her friend, had to go somewhere. But it was good. Real good.

Half an hour before meeting up with up with them, I finally delivered my film from the lovely Lomography camera I have. 3 films delivered at Japan Photo. So stoked on seeing how all my photos have turned out. 

And tonights the big event? David Guetta coming to town. At the moment I'm tired and not at the top of my game, but hopefully that will change when the event starts. I'm not sure exactly how this DJ-event-thing is working, but I sure hope he's mixin' it up with Commander (ft. Kelly Rowland).

Are you going to see David Guetta tonight? I'll catch you there if you let me know.
- Aleksander

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