Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Little Things In Life

Seeing your love again after some time.

Sorry for not posting anything these last weeks. Been down in another camp to do some training! Two awesome weeks, but it's good to be back! We've seen the first snow of the season today! So stoked on the winter coming now. Looking forward to the first day of skiing in December!

Messed around with some style. Swagger!

 - Aleksander


  1. you are born swagger :D
    awesome hair! i bet mohawk hairstyle look rocking on you :)


  2. Bleach kan jo lastes ned! Jeg har alt på ekstern harddisk. Kanskje på tide at du skaffer det? :p

  3. æutshhh, they se us swaggin'! ble bra da :D


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