Monday, August 1, 2011


... make hits, not the public. I tell the DJ what to play! Understand?
Chase & Status, Tinie Tempah - Hitz [Spotify]

So, two things this time. The least important first, of course!
As some of you might see, I changed my design again. Or the colors at least. I didn't find the blue as nice as I thought, and went for a rather plain look. What do you think?

Before & after
Second, and most important. I've ordered a new camera! A Nikon D300s to be specific! Took me a lot of thinking, but I finally decided. D7000 might be a little better, but D300s has better ergonomics and is a lot tougher. Which is why I went for it. I'm so stoked on getting the contract I have to sign, and then getting my new D300s! It's too sexy

Loving it!
- Aleksander


  1. woo sexy indeed <3
    i really never tried Nikon D300s but my uncle got it and he says it's SUPERB! you're so lucky to get one :)
    but are you actually replacing your old nikon or is this the 2nd one?

    and the blog looks even nicer in white :D



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