Sunday, July 17, 2011

Let the record reflect...

... the records we set. Best foot forward with every step. And let's push towards it, never regress. And let's remember, if ever we get down, the places that we came from 'round. And all the good times on the bad side of town. The upside of bad, flip it upside down. Came from the bottom but we up high now.
- Lupe Fiasco ft. John Legend - Never Forget You [Spotify]

Today, I was Remi's assistant on one of his photoshoots with Stina Marie Bakken. (Awesome model.) Well, assisting, and roaming around in the background watching. It was interesting. Gave me inspiration, and a lot of pointers. Wanna do something of my own again soon. Also, got this shot, plus some analogue shots I have to get processed. My first shot of an actual model. Yay (Photo leads to her blog.)

Not sure which version I like best though.
Model: Stina Marie Bakken

What do you think?
- Aleksander


  1. Åja, ja ikke vet jeg :) De kravene jeg har fått med meg er 15 for jenter hvertfall :)


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