Saturday, June 25, 2011

There are...

.... nine million bicycles in Beijing. That's a fact. That's a thing we can't deny.
 - Katie Melua - Nine million bicycles

 Today, me and an army bud took a bicycle road trip. 85 km, or 52.8 miles if you prefer that, long. Now, my ass hurts like shit, and my entire body is so tired. Hurts just to move. "Luckily" I have a stupid cough going on. Which sucks like hell. 'Cuz that hurts even more. Haha. It was so worth it though! A really nice trip. Lots of beautiful nature. And the coolest, and most beautiful, place I've ever been to.

Now I'm gonna shut the hell up and give you the photos.

What'cha think?
- Aleksander


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