Saturday, December 25, 2010


... what a feeling! Every time you come around, my body free fallin'

Collie Buddz - What a feeling [Spotify]

So now yet another Christmas is over. As usual the meal was the best of the year. No disappointment there! So what's next on the schedule now, seeing that one can't write more about Christmas? Oh New Years eve of course! I'm glad I don't have to buy any fireworks...

Meanwhile, I have to use the time in between to pack my stuff and move out of the condo I rent. What a bummer! I really like it here. So nice having my own place.

Last but notleast, I'm wondering if u may want to see what I w(h)ore yesterday? Haha, it's my blog so you have no choice! Mwahaha!

Hope you all had a beautiful Christmas!
- Aleksander

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