Saturday, November 20, 2010

You know...

... we should have seen this coming. Consequences we cannot deny, will be revealed in time.

Disturbed - Another way to die // On spotify here

Yesterday, the roof on Oslo Spektrum got blown off. That's how good the concert was. It truly was A taste of chaos.

Photo: Halestorm

For those who need a quick brief on A taste of chaos:
A tour containing four bands. Halestorm, Buckcherry, Papa Roach and Disturbed. Hard hitting concert, not for the faint hearted.

To be honest, I will have to say it makes my top 3 of concert experiences. And I've been to concerts with some kick-ass bands! I spent the evening with Monica, and I had a blast! Yesterday was the first time I've ever heard about Halestorm, so I had no real expectations to their performance. But they truly blew away my doubt even with the first song with a solid female vocal. Especially on A familiar taste of poison. One of the coolest women ever? Oh yes!

Photo: Disturbed

But of course, the highlight of the night was Disturbed! Their performance grew for every single song. I lost my voice somewhere along the middle. Did I care? No! Best song for me was probably Land of Confusion! Oh how I love they version of the timeless Genesis classic!

Did any of my awesome readers share this moment with me?
- Aleksander

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  1. Neeeeeei... BUT I WISH!! Digga Disturbed å Papa Roach.. Fysøøøren de suge å bu longt uti huttiheita :(


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