Tuesday, November 9, 2010

1, 2 Freddy's coming for you...

3, 4 Better lock your door
5, 6 Grab a crucifix
7, 8 Better stay u late
9, 10 Never sleep again !!

Nightmare on Elm street rhyme

Well, I guess my dress-up as Waldo failed, seeing as not a single store had a sweater matching his. Not even those second hand stores downtown. So I had to improvise. What I came up with? Go figure: Freddy Krueger. Worst guy of them all. Taking out people in their sleep? What a coward. He's pretty freakin' cool tho!

So? Did I do him justice? Even got "the gloves". People at the party even recognized what I was going for. Stoked? Oh yes!

Keepin' the gloves? Fuck yes!
- Aleksander


  1. Antrekket ble jo bra tilslutt da:)

  2. Det ligna faktisk! Aldri sett filmen, så hadde ikke kjent deg igjen men.. Google <3
    Og så innså jeg nå plutselig at du har et meget pent smil? Random. Men altså, ja :)

  3. Sv: Takktakk! :)
    Altså. Jeg er en ærlig person. Beklager så mye :D


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