Sunday, September 12, 2010

Beautiful blogger award....

... from my beautiful friend, Lillianna! Thank you so, so much! Means alot to get something like this from one of your best friends!

If someone gives you this "award" you have to:
- Copy the photo
- Thank and link to the person who gave it to you
- Write 7 facts about yourself

7 things you (probably) knew about me:
1. I'm afraid of the dark.
2. I'm scared to death of, and hate with all my heart, bees and wasps!
3. I love photographing.
4. I'm going to the army in January, and looking forward to it!
5. I'm planning on studying photography for a year, after the army.
6. My photography skills is self-taught.
7. My second passion, is skiing. Which I do as much as I can during winter.

I would like to give this beautiful blogger award, to:
Synne Øye Myrvold
Camilla Sundby
Ida Marie Fiskaa
Marita Kristin Eilertsen (Check her surename! Epic win!)
Li-Mei Berglid
Monica N. Sand

- Aleksander


  1. Thank you thank you! :D
    Likte de nye designe ditt me forresten. Awesome :D

  2. Woop, thank youuu! ((:


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